Active Learning through Computer Science

31 Aug , 2015  

Biology Active Learning through Computer Science

In partnership with Park County School District #1 and the University of Wyoming College of Education  – Erebus Labs is pleased to support and drive the STEM Computing Content and Outreach of BAL-CS – funded by a 2015 Life Sciences Grant from the Life Sciences Program at the University of Wyoming.


The goal of BAL-CS is to create four master teachers capable of enhancing/creating lesson plans that use active learning concepts in order to supplement their already existing curriculum. Additionally, another central overarching objective is the use computer science as the primary vehicle for active learning. Materials developed during the program (by the teachers, students, UW and ErebusLabs) will be freely available – here, and on the NetLogo Modeling Commons.


The focus of the partnership, interaction and development between the K12 teachers and UW/ErebusLabs will be on:

  1. Fundamentals of Active Learning, STEM Integration and Collaboration
  2. Use of 2D/3D “agent modeling” as a way to engage, assess and measure students  ability with respect to a large subset of NGSS/Common Core Objectives
  3. Use of NetLogo as a vehicle for Active Learning at all levels of K12 education.

Potential Biology/Life Science Concepts

  • Quorum Sensing [video|Discover Mag]
  • Predator vs. Prey Interactions
  • Cell Division / Mutation Rates
  • Cell Signaling
  • Bird Flocking / Fish Schooling
  • Ant Trails
  • Compound Formation / Elemental Binding
  • Diffusion / Hypertonic vs Hypotonic
  • and more …

Documents & “Presentations”

We don’t really believe in one-way presentations and dissemination of information. These documents are fluid and are ultimately shaped by participation!

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