UWRAMPED: Naturally Inspired Followup

23 Sep , 2016  


During the 2-day summer session “Naturally Inspired” participants worked with NetLogo – a multi-agent simulator – modifying and creating programs to mirror or explain existing phenomena. In this shared follow-up session we’ll focus on algorithms. To maintain consistency with the second half of this follow-up (Space), when we’re programming, we’ll use the Python programming language. Don’t worry if you are not familiar with Python – we’re mostly going to be comparing and discussing different implementations of algorithms as well as different algorithms that solve the same problem.

The overall objectives for the NetLogo portion of the followup follow:

Teachers will be able to:

  • explain NetLogo at a high level
  • identify an existing NetLogo model to use in their classroom
  • define”algorithm”
  • create a sequence activity relevant to their classroom
  • compare and contrast a sequence activity with a computer algorithm
  • implement an algorithm in python

Algorithms for All

Our session will be segmented into 4 main parts, surrounded by a pre- and post- test:

  1. Take the Pre-Test
  2. A Warmup – Hands On Algorithm Challenge
  3. A NetLogo Review & Overview, With Peers Leading the Discussion
  4. Algorithms without computers: Sequence Cards
  5. Implementing Algorithms in Python
  6. Take the Post-Test

The live notebook is available on and also available for download as a python file or a python notebook.

After the session, a full rendered version will be available as a PDF document.

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