About Us

Erebus Labs was founded by Mike Borowczak in 2012 with a two-fold objective:

  1. Develop native Secure Hardware/Software solutions for bio-informatics and autonomous swarms, and
  2. Promote Educational Outreach and STEM integration in K20 classrooms. 

Mike Borowczak is the chief scientist and founder of Erebus Labs – a Hardware, Software, and Cyber-Security Research & Development firm that also provides K20 STEM+CS outreach. He is also the Senior Data Scientist at a Boulder, Co former startup focused on anomaly detection in human and automated data sources. Mike earned his Ph.D. in Computer Science and Engineering (2013) as well as his BS in Computer Engineering (2007) from the University of Cincinnati. His research focused on detection and prevention of information leakage from hardware side channels. Mike’s current research interests include developing homomorphic encryption, compression and parallelized algorithms for streaming and pseudo-streaming data sources.

Mike also has over a decade of industry and research experience – mostly revolving around the semiconductor and bioinformatics industries – with specific experience at Texas Instruments, Intel, and Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center. In industry, Mike has worked as a programmer, hardware designer, hardware security architect and a data scientist.

In addition to his industry experience, Mike spent two years, while completing his Ph.D., as a National Science Foundation GK-12 fellow – teaching and bringing real-world STEM applications in two urban high schools. Since then, he has worked with university faculty to promote and extend K20 STEM outreach in Ohio, Oregon, Texas, and Wyoming. He has authored peer-reviewed articles and papers, presented at national and international conferences, and taught undergraduate/graduate courses in Hardware Security and VLSI as well as STEM Education and Outreach. Mike is an executive committee member of the IEEE Computer Society’s Technical Committee on VLSI, as well as an active member of the IEEE, ASEE, ASTE, among others.