While Erebus Labs can and has provided hands-on activities tailored towards specific STEM disciplines – our passion is bringing to light computing role in all facets of STEM to Students, Educators and Parents. Of particular interest are outreach activities surrounding: biologically inspired computing methods, chip design, bio-informatics, cryptography and biomedical engineering.

Erebus Labs was at Fashion to Medicine: Arduinos & Computer Science @ STEM Saturday a WYSTEM Event at the University of Wyoming,  Jan 2016


A significant amount of our outreach is funded through grant work:

2015 Senior Personnel RAMPED: Robotics, Applied Mathematics, Physics, and Engineering Design
2015 CoPI Biology Active Learning
Through Computer Science (BAL-CS)
2014 Senior Personnel Launching Astronomy:
Standards & STEM Integration (LASSI)
2012 Consultant Collaborative Research – The Hidden Side of Rapidly Growing Black Holes: Host Masses and Evolution of Obscured Quasars with SDSS and WISE.
2012 Consultant Robotics for the 21st Century.

NSF Fellow
Graduate Students in K-12 Education
(GK-12 Project STEP) &
Research Experience for Teachers (RET)


Questions? Looking to host or sponsor an outreach event? Send me an email mike [at] erebuslabs [dot] com