UWRAMPED: Naturally Inspired Followup

23 Sep , 2016  

Overview During the 2-day summer session “Naturally Inspired” participants worked with NetLogo – a multi-agent simulator – modifying and creating programs to mirror or explain existing phenomena. In this shared follow-up session we’ll focus on algorithms. To maintain consistency with the second half of this follow-up (Space), when we’re programming, we’ll use the Python programming language. […]

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Computing Spectrum – Simon Says

6 Jun , 2016  

Computing Spectrum & Simon Says The 80’s are back! Simon Says is a great example of a Computing System Just like cell phones, computers, smart watches and wearables “Simon Says” consists of two major systems one clearly visible – the Hardware – and the other – the Software – hidden from sight. For this discussion, we’re […]

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Fashion to Medicine: STEM Saturday @ UWYO

22 Jan , 2016  

So you’re a middle school or high school student (or parent) who came to the Fashion to Medicine: Arduino session. Here are the materials used as PDFs with hyperlinks. Feel free to share and contact us anytime! You might want some of that code that we developed together – it’ll be here soon! Fashion to […]

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Research, Publications & Presentations of 2015

19 Jan , 2016  

In 2015 ErebusLabs contributed to research and dissemination of 2 journals, 5 conferences, and 2 newsletter editorials.  Two Journal Articles Chen, X., Ernst, K., Soman, F., Borowczak, M., & Weirauch, M. (2015). CressInt: a user-friendly web resource for genome-scale exploration of gene regulation in Arabidopsis thaliana. Current Plant Biology, September 2015. doi:10.1016/j.cpb.2015.09.001 Available Online Borowczak, M. (2015) […]

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